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Not sure what to think... he's bipolar.

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Well, my boyfriend just finished with his doctor appointment. He said he had to take a 150 something question test, and he did answer truthfully. He also said that the doctor told him he was bipolar, no doubt about it. She gave him a few meds to hold him over til his bloodwork comes in, and then he comes back in 3 weeks.


I'm uneasy. Even though this doesnt change how I feel for him, I'm still kind of uneasy... Does that make sense? Am I wrong for feeling this way? It worries me... Is this something he can grow out of? Will he have to take medicine the rest of his life? Can he pass this on to his children? Does it get worse? Any info would be helpful...

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My brother is bipolar, formerly called manic-depressive.

He's always had lows and highs that have made life difficult for him.

At 61 years of age, he's doing well with medications that didn't exist until just recently. Your friend may better chance at life.

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One of the key things to maintaining a relationship with someone whom is Bipolar is patience (within reason) and make sure they keep up on what the Doctor prescribes and if there are any side effects to contact the doctor, not cease the use suddenly. Aside of behavioral effects, not all medications are created equal in effectiveness or more importantly, safety upon withdrawl. It also depends a deal on what type of Bipolar Disorder he has been diagnosed with as well.


- Covers a deal of information on causes, complications, treatment options, etc...


- Has a deal of information on the Disorder.


You'll need to have the doctor talk to you two if he hasn't already about supporting elements in treatment, meaning diet changes and exercise which generally helps with disorders associated with depression. Certain diet elements are thought or proven to increase and decrease depression levels. Aside of Alternative there are other options such as Psychotherapy which this Doctor may or may not of mentioned, depending.


Most if not all of this is listed in the links above in more depth with information on effectiveness and general outcomes and information.

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Bipolar is something that is physiological, while there are things to reduce the epsiodes, and medications to treat it, it is a disorder that does not just go away.


I am concerned though you are now excusing his horrible treatment of you because of it, and finding this as a justification to stay with him, even if he were to still treat you badly, or was to stop his meds for example. It does not excuse the abuse. I have known many people whom were manic depressive (old term for it) and did not treat their partners that way.


As for passing it on, mental illnesses can run in families, but as far as I know they have not actually identified the genes that would be passed on.

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Type II Bi-Polar is a milder form of Bi-Polar. Meaning his manic phases are shorter lived...maybe 4 days instead a full week. It's called hypo-mania.


Coping is going to be hard but it is possible. My grandfather has it and my grandmother has had some very trying times with him. But she stuck by him all these years. A lot of patience.

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Completely agree with RayKay on this one. He is bipolar I'm sure, but don't let him treat you like crap and blame it on that.


Make sure he takes his medication as prescribed and don't stop for any length of time. 'False recovery' is a common thing with this disorder, so be sure to watch that he's taking his meds.

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I too agree with Ray Kay him being bipolar does not give him a licence to be abusive towards you. Please wake up and drop this manipulative guy.

You say you love him but what has he done to deserve this apparent unconditonal love from you when all he does is treat you like you're something he scraped off his shoe?


Why waste you're time on somebody like this when you could be with somebody who loves you and treats you well all the time instead of settling for the scraps of affection you get when he's not systematically crushing your self confidence and trying to control you?


I'm starting to think you're a glutton for punishment girl!

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