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In need of sleep...](*,)


Lately i've found that i end up laying in bed for hours at night trying to make my self go to sleep, with no luck...


I keep thinking over what happened during the day, or past days. Or thinking about lyrics for songs...


This has only occurred to me just recently...

Its not a big problem atm cuz im on holidays and can sleep in, but school comes back soon and i'd hate to get only 5-6 hours sleep.


I tried doing some regular repetative activities before going to bed and then trying to slowly shift the time of the activity so as i go to bed earlier, but it didn't help.


Is there anything i can do?





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Hey Serge,


Interestingly enough I am going through the same darn thing. What is keeping me up is stress .


Are you stressed out about anything? Are you depressed or anxious?


Anyhow, what works great for me is getting up really early, getting myself really tired throughout the day (excercise, clean, run a ton of errands, you pick) that works sometimes and gets me in bed by 2am....if i am still up past 2am I usually have a glass of wine and taht knocks me out within an hour.


If you live in the states I doubt you can buy wine, but it really helps sometimes. If not, if you have a girlfriend ask for a massage too. I live with my boyfriend so sometimes I ask him for a backrub and that helps too.


If it becomes chronic, I suggest you see a specialist. I know if mine continues for a while I mightjust have to!

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i agree with vanilla

I am also having this problem but it has been gogin on for quite some time now. if it goes on too long then get it checked, ( i should i just don't really have time or someone to tell me to go)

stress is one thing that will keep you up alot.

try to not sleep in even on weekends try to get up around the same time everyday. then your own mental clock doesn't get messed up ( and you don't waist half a day sleeping)

if you find you can't sleep don't stay in bed get up and go into another room and read or somethign that makes you tired.

ya i've never tried the wine thing because a) i live in canada and i'm not the right age to buy it and b) i have found other things


good luck in finding somethign


don't leave it for too long like i have/ am doing. you end up getting so tired that your over tired and you think that you're fine until you sit still and find you slowly fall asleep. (i've been getting by on about 1-6 hour of sleep each night for over a year now) the tiredness will catch up to you and it will hit you hard

best of luck

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