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How can I tell him?


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Personally I think you've just got to be straight with him. Do you like him as a friend? If so tell him you like him as a friend but not in any other way. If not say you don't think it'd work out between you and say straight you don't want to see him again. Sure, it might hurt him but it's better than stringing him along. When you say you're busy he may have slight suspicions that you're just putting him off but if he likes you he'll convince himself that you really are busy and he'll be clinging on to the hope that the next time he asks you you'll say yes.

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He told me that he likes me and the second time we went out I said I can go as friends.

But now he keeps asking and I don't know how to approach the subject.

If he says 'Do you want to go out this weekend?' I wouldn't know how to start. I'd be like 'erm.. i don't know.. i think im doing something else'


How should I start telling him without him getting upset? I think I am too nice.

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