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Decided To Give It Another Go With My Lover

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Hi guys, i know u will all b angry with me for giving it another go but i have to just give it one last chance. For those of u who do not know the story i have been seeing my lover for 2 years who is 35 with 3 children , i am 24, and to top things off, her ex(the father) is still hanging around like a bad smell. Also the main problem with the relationship is that we have split 10 times in the 2 years of us being a couple, on 2 of those occasions she got back with the father , i guess to make it what u wud call a "normal" home. Im writing this post to get advice on how to make the best of this last opportunity of us being together!! I dont want her to flip out again and finish with me so i need some guarntees from her, and i want the father as much out of our lives as possible!! I know u have all told me to move on and have gone against ur advice , but i just have to give this 1 last shot before i do totally move on, please can i have some opinions and advice from u guys.





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i know its not what you want to hear but i predict when you finally meet someone ELSE whos beautiful inside and out, and who wont put u thru the same junk as your lover, then YOU will become the dumper of this woman and experience true happiness you never thought possible with a girl out there who does exist

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It has nothing to do with how old she is, it has to do with how poorly she treats you and your relationship. I have a friend whom was involved for a long time with a woman 18 years older then him, and they treated each other with respect.


I predict you will be back here again very near in the future when she has changed her mind again. Thought I will hold hope that it will be because you realize how terribly she treats you and decide to move on on your own right because you realize this is not what love is about.


You are happy when with her...but what about all the times she breaks it off? If it's only good 70% of the time, that is 30% not enough.

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I keep hoping that she will change and commit to me, and im giving her this 1 last chance to stay with me, i know the father wil b there forever but i am hoping he is going to meet someone else once he realises she has moved on for good. I cant leave her i feel for he so much, i have tried honestly i have tried , i just feel i have to give her this one last chance, but this time i am going to keep a social life with my friends and i will put my full trust into her! I need to think of some conditions on getting back with her, any advice guys??

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