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My b/f of 4 years finished with me a month ago (i lived with him for 3 years). He gave no real reason except that his feelings had changed, and that he was no longer "in love" with me. He says that there is definitely not anyone else. For the first 2 weeks we were in contact, but it was too difficult for me, so for the following 2 weeks we did NC. I then texted him on Sat to arrange to get my stuff and sort out the money side of things etc, he was at work but called me back when he finished. We spoke on the phone for about 25mins. Nothing was mentioned about us, just general chit chat... why did he bother talking to me at all? Why did he not just say come and get your stuff etc, bye?

He confuses me more and more. It is driving me crazy

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Im so sorry...I would be devastated if I was in your shoes. Youa re being very strong!


I think he wanted tot alk to you because he's used to you. like octupus said...its a sense of comfort. He knows you, he knows you love him, so he knows he can come to you. I think he may also know that you want him so badly that you'll talk to him as long as its to keep him close.


I think you need closure and a serious deal of NC.


I am so sorry. Please come back to us if you need anything else!

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Thanks for all the advice. You are right. I am awaiting him getting back to me with a suitable time for us to sort out financial side of things etc (he works shifts). I wont contact him, and then once i get my stuff etc, i will go on NC again.

Thank you all x

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