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is something wrong with me?

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i've met 1 person offline and we were an ok relationship but great friends now...another person i talked for like 3 years never met but had a great friendship that he even wanted to marry me if we actualy got together and were able to spend time together and be sure....and another who recently were tallkin for about a year and a half also declared he would marry me if we got to spend time together we never met but we've done everything but meet face to face...any site im on that has pictures people say im pretty and all that..but i can never have the same luck of finding anyone offline...im not an ugly person, im not extremely evil even though some mornings i can look it lol..i kno online i speak my mind more than i would offline since im more shy then...but whats wrong?

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Well email, just as this forum does as well, offers an automatic anonymity and social distance. It is often easier to open up, be bold, say and do things that we may not necessarily do face to face or in public.


Maybe you need to get offline a bit more and start interacting with people face to face. Think about why it is so easy to meet people online. Read thru those first emails of one of your internet relationships. What did you say? Were you bolder than you are in person? Funnier? Did you feel safer to be more open because you were not face to face? Remember you are that person regardless of whether you are typing or talking. Get some practice acting like this in front of someone else a bit more. Let that person inside shine through. Try speed dating or some group singles activity. Think of it as practice.


Of course this is being told to you by someone who is online giving advice and not in person. Ha! The irony.

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I agree with may...stay away from being online! the less time you spend online the more you have to meet people in real life.


try building up confidence. take up some lessons, new hobbies of some type. Its the best way to meet people who share your same interests.


Good luck!

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im actually not online that often...i come on check things reply if needed and leave n if someone i kno im's me ill stay n talk and if anyone talks ill say something too...now dont get me wrong i have friends offline and dont stay stuck in the house on the computer all day...my luck just seems to be bad with guys offline...ill get all the complimets in the world from them on here, just not the same offline...and i kno i look the same lol

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