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My Ex is coming between my passion and me ..

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Heyy Evrone, I'll try to make a long story short...


A few months ago, my bf broke up with me, after we had been tgether for several months and his decision left me heart-broke as yu can imagine, i still havent been able to get over him.

But besides that, the real problem is that, were i met my ex, karl, is at the army cadets (army for ppl under 18 ) , and there he is the sergent and i am a few ranks below him --> private ...

Which goes on evry thuesday night, and then thing is i always see him there but if it coudnt get worse, karl opened his big mouth and told a few ppl that we had sex... (which i regret with all my hearth, since i thought he actually loved me )

...And of course the army is all about respect, and so the few ppl that karl told have told other ppl and further on...And so it is at the point the officers (the highest ranks) know about what we did as well as other things too...


But besides that most of all the guys know about this and they are all anoying me if its tru or not and it entirely explains why all the gurls are looking at me as if im a *****...


Anyhow going to the army cadets has become a great passion of mine as i also wish to persue a job in the milirtary bases (army) ....althought my ex has told so many ppl about what we did, i dont know if the ppl there even respect me, and its become very anoying to have the guys always trying to see if id give it if they asked if id sleep with'em...

Althought since the officers know as well and if they no longer have respect for me, they may not upgrade my rank...


I dont know if i should keep going to the army cadets or should i just quit and persue another passion, or as well as join another army cadets further...Anyhow it would be a shame to forget all of my friends ive made at the cadets...


Thanks Melissa 8)

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I never thought the modern day army is about judging your personal life. I mean, of course having sex with someone you work with who would go about telling people what you did is something that would contribute to people having a different point of view about you. But I don't see how or why it should affect your work, your passion. If I were the officer, I would consider not moving your ex to a higher rank because he has been talking about things he is not supposed to talk about, which is one of the most important aspects of repect and privacy in the army.

So my advice to you, is just get over it and try to ignore it as much as possible. Pursue your passion and don't let these things get in the way, being in the army is a tough thing, and this is one of the things you are going to have to deal with!

Good luck

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Same thing happned to a friend of mine. I used to be a Sergeant in the Army Cadets for a time, became really good friends with this girl. After a few months of her joining she started going out with this guy. If memory serves me correctly he was a Lance Corporal. Anyway what happened was she turned this guy down bacuase she wasnt ready to have sex, thats when things started getting nasty.


He started pulling Rank, spreading nasty rumours about her, and getting her to do things that she should be doing e.g cleaning the Bathrooms. She didnt quit, she took it straight to the CO, and had it sorted out, they bust him back down to private where he belonged...


I guess what im saying is, dont quit just cos of of your Ex. If you feel the Army is the way you want to go, then dont let anything get in your way. You just need to focus on getting through things. If he starts pulling Rank, then you need to talk to your CO, another member of your Troop, or tell him that he needs to grow up and stop being quite so immature.


Good Luck


Sorry if i sounded a bit harsh >_

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