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This is actually sort of exciting for me because for the past few months I've been slowly getting over my ex. I am currently staying really strong with NC and it has helped. Well I've started talking to a girl that I'm into. She is very attractive and nice but I am still questioning how into me she is. We started talking a little a few weeks ago and decided to take a class together at the university. We have been hanging out at school and talk via text message pretty often and phone once and a while. I did hear from a mutual friend that she was interested in me but I am not sure how strong of a vibe I get from her when I'm with her. Although things seem to be going very slow, do you think I should just back off and see how interested she is, keep playing it cool or should I do the perusing? It's really difficult to be in this stage because I think I still expect or am looking for that relationship. I haven't been in this position in a while and am looking for advice. Feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks.

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Push the envelope and see where it takes you. Being a guy means you better get used to "pursuing" women because they rarely, if ever, chase after a guy (this includes showing overt signals of interest). Show some "assertiveness", but don't over do it. Don't take it so seriously, you've got nothing to lose by trying.

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