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Hey, how are you all doing? I'm good. But I am a little toubled. My mom and dad are leaving everything to me. It's weird. They don't come home, and leaveme to put my little brothers to bed and to kmake supper. Then when I don't get something done cause I was doing what THEY should be doing at home I get in touble. It's weird. They take away the stuff I always do. But they are irisponsible, and I get punished. I don't understand this. They also have NO explanation for this either.

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well i think that u should try and talk to them. get them on a weekend or something, a time when they are both sitting down together and just say something like "i can no longer handle the responsibility of looking after my brothers, im going to be getting more and more homework and assignments at school, and i just dont feel like im in control" or well, something like that. they need to understand that your still young as it is, and that your not their mum, and that your parents need to start being a parent to your brothers. i think that what they are doing is unfair to you.


how long are you normally left with them to look after, is it like, you bring them home from school, and are looking after them till they go to bed???

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Hmmm. Do you have another adult you could talk to? Sounds like your parents need a reality check. You are 13! Find another adult who you can confide in and who may be able to help communicate legal responsibilities of parents to their children. Get some advice and maybe have someone older intervene.

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I agree with may55.


What I'm concerned about is that if there was an accident or emergency and you needed to get in touch with them you have no idea where they are? That is being totally irresponsible!


Talk to an adult. A relative preferably. If necessary a teacher.


Good luck and take care.

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You need to find an adult to talk to or a teacher at school. There should be a school counsellor at the school you go to. Everything you tell them is confidential, so they will not tell your parents.


While your parents are not doing anything technically wrong, they are behaving incredibly selfishly. It may help you to unload some of the burdens on another adult.


Just keep your dignity about you, and keep doing what you have to do. Eventually you will be old enough to move out of home and start your own life. But whatever you do, do not become bitter and twisted over them! There is plenty of time to have fun, you are still young.


Even though they are leaving you on your own alot, it is better than always being there, yelling at you.


Just try and make sure you get everything done and make sure as you get older, you concentrate in school and go to college. Having an education is the best way and will give you many chances in life and you will look back on this and it will seem like nothing.

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