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Dazed and confused

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Alright, this is my first time posting on here. I have a little guy problem that I need advice on from someone not close to me who will tell me the truth. I'll try to make this as short as possible. Way back in May I went out with some friends and ended up hooking up with one of them that night. Nothing happened between us for quite some time until November when we stayed up one night talking and ended up just kissing. Since then it has become a regular thing. One night I told him how I felt, that I liked him and he told me that he liked me as well. Right after new years I finally got sick of not really knowing what was going on so I asked him about it. He said that he didn't want a relationship and didn't have time for one. Normally I would take that as I know most guys mean it, I don't want a relationship with you I just want sex, but I've known him for 2 years and I just have a hard time believing that. Everybody who knows him well says that too. What really confuses me though is right after Christmas he wouldn't even let me touch him one night. He literally rolled over on his stomach and told me that tonight it was going to be all about me. Call me crazy but I find it hard to believe that a man who just wants sex would do that. Someone please help, this is starting to drive me absolutely crazy.

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I think you were wrong in not finding out his true intentions before both of you kissed. But on the other hand, what you thought was going to be fruitful relationship, was not what he wanted. But what's done is done, and you cannot turn back time to undid what you did. But I'd say, stay away from him, someone who's not interested in a relationship but just wants sex from you ain't someone who is worth your time.

He wants you to think that its all about you for today, cause he wants your trust to a certain extend. So that you can give in to him without resistance. That's how I feel about your situation.

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