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need help...urgently


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hmm,ur like someone i know,ur simply lettin ur crush dominate you,is not simply of adoring someone??its not that simple...u must have things in common plus suport each other im sorry to say this but i despice you in some way couse ur simply playing with peoples hart...stop letin simple crush take over so then he gets hart broken couse u simply wanna have a good time....if u dump for a reason better than Gettin bored!! then ill say ur ok but hell ... u are just like the girl i once knew we lasted 1 week couse of this i got over it but plz if u gonna fall in "love" do it the right way dont rip peoples hart out and as for BEING BURRRING just by being next to each other is more than inuff to NOT BE BORED!


sorry to be ruff,if u dont understand somethign as simple as this...i hate to be u

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ok ok....ur 14 bout to be 15 calm down....ur not gettin married so its ok...its not like your 34 n u havent had children n a husband yet so its all kewl......your just 14 prolly in like what 8th or 9th grade...just relax n have fun n if u get bored wit him thats kewl cause ur young....but one day u might regret it cause u actually get bored of the perfect guy for u...but as of right now i say just go wit the flow...if u get bored u get bored if u dont then thats great for u 2...ok? alright well u have a good successful dating life..later

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