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3rd date and still cant kiss her


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Like i said..3rd date and im falling madly in love over her and cant seem to get a chance to kiss her,im thinking to leav her a msg on computer and tell her that i whant to tell her something that i could't before) so that way when she asks me out of curiosity i can take it from there sense im preatty shy,i need opinions if this is a good idea,i know we bouth in love with each other and stuff just havent got to the intimate part like first kiss



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well, i'd say instead of being desperate to kiss her and rushing into it, remember that desperation often messes things up. If I were you, I'd call her for a casual movie/game night at your place and take it from there or you could cook her something and go for a walk afterwards or sit in the porch or something and then take it from there. good luck!

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ok man its like this.....its sounds like ur really desperate for this...dont be desperate cause then u will rush n the kiss will suck.....9 out of ever 10 woman believe that the 1st kiss will tell them everything they need to know about the relationship......just relax i think bout the whole hey i gotta tell u sometin thing is a good idea...be like yeah i gotta tell u sometin then when she asks be like ok i gotta tell u face to face....n if there is a big group of people around tell her u guys have to be alone n just pull her off to the side....n then just go for it but dont be in a hurry lets it happen smooth...aight hope i helped later

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yea dont worry i know wht u mean im not gona rush it im just gonna make it clear once and for all,i know what im doing she and i are so alike iven if shes a girl i ill take it slow,i am taking it slow i been waiting for allmost a year for this and im the guy im supose to make the first move witch i havent so im gonna make it,couse while i hold up my self im making her hold up at the same time and i know that can be sikening.But ither way thanx ill take what u have said in consideration

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