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Recurring dreams about food!

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Usually I'm not one to get hung up on dreams and all those things, but this has just been weird. Since September every now and then I have a dream that involves food and a specific person in my life, my supervisor whom I've liked since I worked under his supervision where I was volunteering in the summer. In the dream he is always either 1) placing a plate of food in front of me 2) preparing food for me (in one dream he prepared an entire atrium full of food almost like a food show competition) or 3) sitting at a table with my family and his with a feast of food on the table (and in the dream it always feels like some sort of holiday). In only a few of these dreams I actually ate the food, but in most of them I've just seen the food and I usually wake up before I can eat it. And by the way, the food is always really really good!!


I know this may seem silly, but I've had dreams like this more than 20 times (oh I started counting after 5) and its just so odd! The most recent one was last night. I don't know what to make of it. I've heard repetitive dreams are important. Anyone here willing to help me interpret??

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Mmmm... apple pie.....


kiwi - Agreed, that its centered around food is weird. Been watching the food network a lot? When you think about it though, food plays a big role in relationships. Dinner is the most common date. When you have a special event like a birthday or anniversary, its accompanied by a special meal. Being cooked dinner is viewed as especially romantic. So maybe your mind linked the two.


Or maybe you are just hungry.


Let us know if anything happens with him. Updates are always nice to hear.

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