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Who Was She?

Ålter Ego

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Hello everyone.


I am rather embarrassed to post this under my real username, hence the Ålter Ego username. Maybe I'll reveal myself. Maybe not.



Who was she?


There once was a woman

Who was named Sarah

Or maybe it was Dawn

Suzanne or Farrah

She was in her mid twenties

On the cusp of Sagittarius

Or maybe in her early thirties

With her moon in Aquarius

With strawberry blonde hair

That she wore in a bun

And sparkling emerald eyes

That would tango with the sun

I saw her during my lunch breaks

Which always brightened my day

But I never had the courage

To express what I am about to say

If I only had the courage

To tell her how I felt

About the way she smiled

That would make my heart melt

If I only had the courage

To let her know that I exist

Then maybe last night

We would've shared our first kiss

Instead I write this poem

As I lament the time

That I never had the courage

To ask her to be mine

She was here in a heartbeat

Now she's gone in a whisper

And I sit here alone

Regretting that I miss her

Who was she? Who is she?

And what will she be?

I will never know

Because she will never be with me

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On no.... now I've been challenged. Performance anxiety. Anyone want to help me here? Or at least can I have a hint? Make it as cryptic as you want, just something to go on so it isn't anyone of the thousand plus members on the site. Have to give us a sporting chance.

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I am not good at giving hints or clues. But if you use your noggin you can figure it out. You see,


My poem is the clue

For the answer you wish to delve

When I wrote about my pain

As the clock struck twelve

Three hundred and seventy four

Add one when it's tomorrow

For I am the one

Who speaks of nothing but sorrow...

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Velma! Freddie?


Scappy Doo?


Ok, so you think I should be able to get it. Does that mean I have spoken to you personally or at least answered one of your posts?


Nothing but sorrow.... could really describe any number of people on here.


Three hundred seventy four, adding one daily.... could that mean days? As in how long you've been posting?


Speaking of regret of not talking to a girl, so I know what the sorrow is about. You posted on another thread about shyness being bad and not having good points, so I take it you are a fellow shy guy.


Names are popping into my head, but I'm not positive. Am I on the right track so far?

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Scratching our butts screaming

You've set our minds awhirl

Chasing shadows, pickles creaming

You're as sneaky as a squirrel


How many pen about sorrow

Threads are littered with tears

Will take me longer than tomorrow

To dig through all the fears


Come out come out, where ever you are

Royal, Mod or Veteran

Give us another clue better than…


Pen of Sorrow

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I loved that Shadow. I just read it and had to edit my post. Very nice indeed. I was going to quote ShySoul, but I would've given it away with my riddles. You are on the right track though, Mr. Soul. I am dancing around your soul as a clone.


Here is one last clue...


To find out who I really am

And cease the suspense from growing

My other avatar is the symbol

That means Forever Flowing

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I'm curious to find out who this guy is myself.

LOL, And I'm sooo amazed nobody has figured out it YOU!!! Hahaha


Clever boy!


EDIT: Oh wait, ShySoul said the identiy was discovered? Who discovered it? I'm so late. I saw the clues long ago, but I didn't know there was a guessing game going on. hehe


KO, you're REALLY a talented writer. Man, why to you hide yourself away so much?

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