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so confused

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Honestly sweetie he sounds like a jerk!


I had an ex who used to talk with his ex girlfriend all the time. But he would hide it.


Does he hide that he talks to this girl? Honestly you could do better. You sound like a smart girl, like I have told others on here before you came here for advice. So you have addressed the problem


Honestly I kind of have the same problem with my boyfriend. But not as deep as yours. (my boyfriend's ex calls every once in a while, and he doesnt pick up, and he doesnt call her. But I wish he would just tell her to stop calling but he says " I dont want to talk to her, which is bs)


Anywas I would tell him it either you or her. And if he continues to speak with her, I would leave him.


I understand you must be thinking, how could this person I have no clue who it is, tell my to leave my boyfriend. But the reality is, if he is hiding talking to her, what else is he hiding?


You said he was doing drugs? if he is doing drugs he doesnt need to be around your kids.


I am not sure of the laws in Tornoto, but in the US drugs are a big deal. i work at a jail bail bonding company. And they hand down severe jail terms for drug dealers, and druggies.


Your children deserve a life drug free, with out drama. Look out for the best interest for your kids


Why did he go to jail the first time?


Please keep us updated!

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This just made me sad....all the signs are pretty apparent that he treats you horribly - he is lying to you (quite blatant about it too) and he is cheating (until you said part about Saturday nights I was going to say it might be emotional cheating which is still bad...but I am quite positive it is further then that now too). And yet, you still don't really WANT to see it I believe.


He is putting your health at risk - both emotional and physical. He is "attacking" your relationship and you by running off to another woman.

And yes, it has hurt you because now you wonder if this is what you deserve or whether you should really be angry since he is with you "most of the time". Well, no really, he isn't. His heart is not there, his mind is not there, his respect is not there, his commitment is not there....why would you settle for LESS than 100%? Especially since you have been there for him through it all.


I honestly wonder what he tells her, if she knows the whole truth about you.


He's a selfish jerk sweetie, he is not going to change either. He does not even seem to care much if he gets caught or not. He really has little respect for you because he really does not even think you are smart enough to figure it out...but you are, and I know it.


He says he does it because he likes the mess with me but I cant take it anymore. I ask him if he wants to be with me and he says hes not telling cause he likes to see me wonder and not know whats going on. THAT IS JUST MEAN!!



It is CLASSIC for cheaters to do things like this...turn it around on you, or brush it off as you being insecure, or making you question your suspicions. He treats you like an accessory, rather then a partner.


You are young honey, and you have been with him so long you probably don't even know what normal is, or balanced and healthy relationships are anymore...but I can tell you this NOT it. You deserve so much better, I feel sorry for you as I am only a bit older then you, and you are in such a different place, and can't even see how wrong it is, and terrible it is for you.


You deserve, and need better, then this jerk. Remember, your children too are learning from YOU what is healthy and normal. They will repeat the same cycles themselves. If this was your daughter going through this, what would you want for her?

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