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allergic to hair dye

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ive been dying my hair quite often and few mths ago i notice my skin on my forehead...not really my forehead, but the top of my forehead near where my hair is is cracking and pealing off. i didnt do anything about it and thought it will be ok because it is not obvious where my side fringe covers it. That part of my skin does feel itchy. Today my teacher told me that that part of my skin could widen up to my face. omg imagine the dryness and cracks all over my face. i do not want my beautiful face to be destroyed. im starting to feel scared. so i need advice on how to cure the skin that is cracking and dry there. could anyone kindly help me by giving advice please? i really must do something a.s.a.p. Does olive oil help? i heard that using mild shampoo would help too. thanks for reading. =)

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You've burnt the skin by using hair dyes. Make sure you moisturise everyday, twice a day. All you can do is that, and avoid putting the dye on your skin- obviously. Maybe at night rub some Vaseline on it, as it is very good at curing dry skin, not too much though, and just before you go to bed, and when possible try and keep you fringe off it until it clears up.



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