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Shadows Light

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Hands poised over the keys

Searching, sorting, looking for words

Smiles grins thoughts of yesterdays pass


Lonely are the nights long are the days

A flick of the wrist, a click of the toggle

Anticipation and BAM… you’ve got mail


Ohh happy day, happy hour, happy minute

Few seconds to read the words

Flown through the wire


Is he happy, is he sad, does he cover

Tell me only good and hide bad

The worries of a lover


Tapping my fingers, tapping my head

What should I write to today

Or should I just go to bed.


Waiting, lurking, reading Enots

Gifting hard won wisdom

Avoiding spy bots


Flicking a bic and the candle burns

Wafting mid-summer nights scent

And the soul yearns




Sitting out under the autumn moon

Stars dance, air sings, grass tickles toes

A glass of wine, a bottle of beer

Giggles. Talk. Laughter and tears






Conversations like a symphony

Highs, lows, melodies, harmonies

Alto and bass duet the anomalies

While comparing similarities


Shadows play cat and mouse

The wind sings its own tune

Voices carry in the night

Under the autumn full moon


Seconds, minutes, days, weeks pass

Bonds congeal and form

Time creeps like the Lenten mass

And the heart feels forlorn.


A flick of the wrist, a click of the toggle

Anticipation and BAM… you’ve got mail


Heart skips a beat, breath catches

Grins and chuckles over the latest

Email matches.


Closing my eyes, looking for words

Searching for the right thing to say

To paint the most beautiful picture

Conjure him a bright new day.


It’s all the little things that count and we all disdain

As we try to live our lives and heal the pain


Smell the roses, sing to songs, and dance if it strikes you

Growing old inevitably but it doesn’t have to bite you


Growing, learning, laughing and grinning are not just the job of youth

Growing, learning, laughing and grinning are what bring life worth


We learn from loss, struggle and pain.

It’s the way we are wired.

The learning is the gift of wisdom

In the pain we sometimes get mired


Another sun rises

Another moon falls

Another hearts broken

Life is a bed of roses


The wheel keeps on spinning

We continue to live

Rising from our slumbers

Learning its better to give


A sip of coffee, a drag of the smoke

Watch the candle flicker as my fingers find the stroke

Be spelled like effect of hard liquor


Looking for words to say that all will be right

Love, light and laughter all are in flight


To your side and to your eyes

My words magically appear

Whispering words of love

Its going to be ok my dear


accross the wires and accross the land

My thoughts doth fly

Watching the grains of sand

Patiently counting by


A flick of the wrist, a click of the toggle

Anticipation and BAM… Now you’ve got mail.


Tag your it.

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