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Wow..I just read Eminem and HIS drug riddled ex are getting remarried!!!

Hmmm call me crazy but if those two crackheads can get back together, and forgive all the "god knows what' things they did to each other, then I suppose there's hope for ALL of us in this crazy world...of "forgive and forget"..Huh??


then again..maybe I've had a few too many "Martoonies"....LOL

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just because they had a super rocky relationship and drugs have been involved doesn't mean that they can't get back together..I mean they have a daughter together. Look at Courtney and Kurt Cobain. 2 heroin addicts married and had a daughter. So there's hope for everyone

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Nik-- I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying! Unbreakable!


Seriously, if you can build a musical empire on hating the mother of your child, and then get back with her? Anything's possible.


Guess that's the cool thing about life--it can't be predicted.

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LOL Msnak..Soooo true...


"Love with my Baby Daddy"..lol....

Why don't they just write a song called "crackhead love"? LOL....

Chances are it would be a smash hit the way this world works.....


Oh and for musicGuy....this thread is meant to be completely facetious.Just poking a little fun. I am sure these couples have some sort of bond ...OTHER than drugs...or at LEAST I hope!!

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Over my life, I've noticed how the couples that seem "lovey-dovey" and perfect in front of everyone -- are the same ones that seem to break up the most?


One couple I knew celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a renewing of their vows--broke up months later. That felt so weird to watch.

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Yeah, the wife lost lots of weight (she was already tiny) and the husband went off for some younger woman. They got a divorce, then he wanted her back. Her adult kids were devastated, one was getting married and postponed her wedding.


I know some really dysfunctional folks, but they seem to keep their marriages together. Ooh, maybe we should all go back to the one partner we mismatched with the most! (Kidding!!)

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