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how do you know

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if a girl is instrested/likes/loves/ you? or even annoyed by you?

what are the signs?


by the way shes 14, and shes pretty smart, and cocky of her good looks.


but like, i havent really talked to her at school, and when we walk past each other, she kinda blushes and i get a little shy. but on AIM we talked alot. she "seems" cool but im not quite sure. shes already gone out with 7 guys, each for 2 days or less, so thats a negitive about her, but i want to change that for her, because shes a new girl. i dont expect sex out of her if we do get in a relationship, i just want a girlfriend that will be there for me, and to her i can be there for her. do you think its just infatuation or love

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It sounds to me like she already likes you. What other reason would make her embarrassed?


Next time you see her smile and say 'Hi' and see what happens. If you smile at her she should automatically smile back!


The more you speak the easier it'll get.


Good luck

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As for whether it's infatuation or love.. I don't think it necessarily has to be either, but love is something very deep and intense, and it usually involves knowing a person quite well. It sounds like you are crushing on each other though. So you think she is cute, but if you want to date her for more than 2 days I think you have to talk to her in person first, and see if you get along well in person. Maybe think of something you can talk to her about? Or maybe hang out in a group with some of her friends and some of your friends so you can get to know her better without the one on one pressure?

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