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how to show you like her without being excessive?


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As some of you know, I'm in a very early stage of a relationship. I've only been on one date, and I've only seen my gf twice, and it's been almost 2 weeks. As we want to spend more time with her, I want to show her that I am really into her, but I'm somewhat hesitant because a) I don't want to seem obsessive (her ex was really obsessive, being why they broke up), and b) she doesn't seem like the type of girl to be into that mushy stuff you know what I mean?


Hugging, holding hands, and just the occasional peck on the cheek sounds just about right, but because we both hang around the same friends and prefer being around friends than alone, I sometimes feel uncomfortable expressing these things. Well not hugging and holding hands, but occasional pecks on the cheek might seem excessive sometimes? I know I shouldn't be afraid to show this, but I don't want to be too excessive either.

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Well there is a difference between obsessive and signs of affection.. Pushing her into it, or pushing her for something she isn't into isn't a good thing, but most people like small signs of affection..


Why don't you just say right out that you really like her and had a wonderful time with her.


I don't know how old you are, but really holding hands and stuff isn't bad at any age and not pushy.. If she isnt comf kissing and stuff yet, then just wait. Like i said tell her you like her and start small ok?

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