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Help Please !

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He likes you allot. Difficult to understand boys are.. I know. But he likes you.


My guessing High school age??


I had a business 101 course in HS and I hated going to it. There were these group of boys who teased me on a daily basis. From the clothes I wore to my name... you name it. They teased. There was one boy in particular who was the ringleader. ohhhh I detested him for it.


2 Years later... after HS was over and done with. I ran into him and point blank asked him WHY???? and he said.. "cause you were so beautiful. We all thought you were hot. And I wanted to get to know you. I had the biggest crush on you all the way through school"... hmmmmm funny way of showing it. I told him that I skipped class, was purposefully late... and cried my eyeballs out every morning. He was very very very sorry. "Why weren't you just nice to me.. talk to me.. and ask me out".. .his response.."I don't know... stupid wasn't I.. I'm really really sorry"


Yes... so was I. So you see.. not all is as it appears to be. Boys will tease each other, play games that seem cruel on one another and still be the BEST of friends. Its how they communicate.


I think someone should maybe write a book like.."Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" for Teenagers... hmmmmm


Don't sweat the small stuff.


By the way.. your little "BYE PERSON" comment today.. may have come off as teasing him back. I'd suspect that its going to be GAME ON. So if he teases tomorrow... its just his way of communicating. Tease him back.


I think its the "teen age courting ritual"... and no one ever told you or I the rules.. .thats why you feel the way you do. Chin up!!! Smile.... just tease him back.

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Hey.. no problem. You just give him heck and tease him back. With a wink and a smile of course. Its flirting. Sharpen your claws a bit on him...

and but beeeee gentle. Always with a smile. And do tell him you like him too. If he notices the banter back and forth and remarks on it..just tell him... that you like him too.

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