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I have started to befriend 3 girls and ive known them for a while. One of the girls is the one that ive liked for a month and today the other girl asked me for my msn. I really havent been able to have a conversation with the girl I like since ive been so shy but I lost my shyness in the past week and I still havent been able to have a conversation (I know she likes me though and im pretty sure she thought I wasnt interested in her since I was so shy). Anyways I was wonderinf if I could tell one of the girls on my msn that I like that girl, if this was a good idea?



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I wouldn't tell her on msn. In fact, I would "tell" her by showing her. As in, coming right out and saying "I like you" o matter how you phrase it or how you build up to it is always awkward. By paying her extra attention or doing any one of those things that indicates interest however, will tell her how you feel. Trust me on this, you don't need to worry about how to act to show her you're interested because if you are, it will show.

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