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So i have a friends with benifits, and we loooveee to make out. Hence there reason we're friends with benifits. The only problem is, things are getting a little boring. I need a way to spice up my french kisses. Im not sure if im a good kisser and it might be that, but any tips? Cause it seems that all we do is toungue in, toungue out, toungue in, toungue out which gets very repetative; especcially for long times. Is there anything i can do? And i am not aloud to touch her in certain places because we set boundries so what is there to do!?!?!? ppppllleeaaaseee heellpp meeee


thanks alot

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Here are some things that my partner and I have done in the past that made things interesting:


1. Nibbling: take care with this because you don't want to hurt your partner. That would be bad .


2. Sucking: if your top lip is above hers, suck slightly on her upper lip. If your top lip is between her lips, suck on her bottom lip.


3. Change speeds.


4. Don't focus purely on eachother's lips. Kiss elsewhere...like her neck, or suck elsewhere...like her earlobe.


ShySoul might be onto something. Perhaps the thrill IS wearing off. Do you chose to be friends with benefits because there are no feelings other than physical attraction involved or is there a special spark between you?


At any rate, I hope I've helped!

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thanks alot, but, you guyz might be right about the wearing off, but i think im the only one whos bored. These suggestions might work very well, but what should i do when i wanna tell her that things are getting boring. I know she LOVES it...more than i do!! and im a guy!! But i dont wanna just break it off with her and her be lonely. Its almost as if making out is her new obsession. Where ever i go she wishes she was making out with me!!! Remind you that im a very shy person and telling people how it is is quite hard for me, same with maybe nibblilng a person



WHAT DO I DO???](*,)

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A shy guy who has a girl who wants to do nothing but make out with him, and he's the one bored. I think this is a first that I've seen posted. Want to trade places?


Ok, seriously now. It's great and sweet that you don't want to break it off and have her be lonely. But if you don't have any real feelings for her, not even getting a thrill from kissing her, eventually you need to end things. Give her a chance to find someone who does care about her in that way. And give you a chance to find someone who cares about you like that, someone whose kisses you'll really enjoy. Longer you wait the harder it will be, because you will both have more time and feelings involved. You can try the techniques, see if that changes anything. But if you still aren't feeling much, its best to have an open and honest talk with her. Let her know you care for her, just not in that way and that you think its best if you are just friends, not do the extra stuff.


Good luck.

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