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Made the worst mistake!! HELp plz

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I broke up with my girlfriend when times got bad.. I couldnt take all of it... her mom wasnt letting her go out, and i took the assumption that she didnt want to go out with me either because she seemed to just go with the flow.. I shouldnt of broke up with her when times got bad, i should of stayed strong, i was just upset i couldnt see the girl i love when i wanted.. i was used to seeing her every other day, and her mom wasnt letting her out for nothing...



Anyways, times got really bad friday.. HER mom found out what really happened about me sneaking in her bedroom and she called me friday around 8 or so asking why i was in her daughters bedroom that day my step dad came looking for me, basicaly i told her a story of what sorta happened, and she said i was disrespecting her and the house and a whole bunch of stuff... she never said anything about me not being able to speak to or see my gf tho... but i guess she forgot to tell me



i kept texting my gf threw the weekend and i got absolutely no reply at all, and i got worried and basicaly she texted me 1 night when i was outside her window saying she will never be able to see me or talk to me again.. so sunday i went to church and then got a card saying i miss her and want to be with her and im sorry for giving up.. i also wrote a message to her mom saying im sorry and i wanted her to call me.. sunday i droped it off and then when my gf read my text her mom wanted her to tell me to leave her alone and we will never be able to see each other again, and my gf gave me back my stuff..



Guys im SOO scared i love her TO DEATH, and now i will never be able to see her or talk to her again. Sunday when we talked we cried to each other saying we love each other so much, and how her mom was going threw really bad money problems and having to almost sell the house.... im so scared.. she wont even reply my text anymore and she said sunday she didnt want to because she didnt want to get her hopes up again and she cried when she said that... I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO.. im waking up in the middle of the night just thinking about her and the love we had and the many many many happy memories we had to gether...


We wnet threw our problems, but every couple does.. now its just her mom making her not talk to me or see me ever again

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Oh wow. First let me say that I am so sorry that you are having to go through this right now. It is unfair that your gf's mom's problems are filtering into your relationship with her. This sounds so Romeo & Juliet!


I don't know if the following advice I give you is "good" or not but here goes:


Repect that you can't see your gf right now. I know it stinks but the main reason this woman is mad at you is because she feels like you disrespected her authority and does not want you to be a part of her daughter's life. I really don't know what else to tell you. I wish I could tell you to just meet her in secret and change your number so that you can text her without her mother knowing but all of those things may just bring more problems.


I hope everything works out for you.

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Hope is not a bad thing, it keeps people going when times get yucky (I use this word ONLY for lack of being able to use cuss words). It's good to know that although times are bad again, you are not leaving your gf's side. The waiting game stinks, but for the most part is worth it completely. I hope you get to be with your gf again soon. No one deserves to be pushed away from someone they love by someone who is not even in the relationship.

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I think it wasnt a good move that you sneaked into her house.. But as broicua7 said, you should accept what is happening now.. Right now her mom is angry and by pressuring on her more things will get worse.. Leave things now till it calm down..


Appolgize for her mother and try to show your girl that you were wrong.. Be honest with her and calm.. GoodLuck

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I wish honestly that i could have 1 more chance, and prove to her i would never mess it up for anything.. If i had 1 more chance, i would let her know how much she meant to me, how much i enjoyed her being next to me..



Today> monday.. I start to work in the yard, hoping to relieve my mind of the pain and sorrow. I and sweating in the yard raking leafs and my hand full of calaces. Im tired of waking up at 3 am thinking she is next to me, wishing i could turn my head and just feel her next to me once more..


If she would read this, i would want her to know that i will NEVER move on, i know there is to much love.. and for it to be broken apart by her mom, i will not accept that.. I will stay a loving boyfriend till the end.. and like we swore to each other, we will get married and have our child and live a happy happy life and move from the pain..


AMANDA I LOVE U, more than words can express. and if i had one more chance with u, i would never trade it for anything. I would remain with you, even if i wasnt satisfied with the times i got to see u, even if i got to see u once a month. YOU WOULD BE MINE, and i would wait until next year when i am in the service and we could live with each other and love each other once again.

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update: we talked secretly last night.. and basicaly shes said that she cant take anymore, and shes gtiving up.. so i will accept that as an end.. but im just wondering if it was to much on her and she actualy couldnt take nemore stress or was it just not love to begin with.

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