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Another email from ex--my fault this time...

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Hi there!


Still stick with NC. If she was really that concerned she would have made a better effort to contact you. Even still, you guys are no longer a couple and you both are no longer responsible for one another. You have friends and family to support you and so does she. Take care and keep up the NC, you are doing great.

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I agree with the others. Stick to the NC. The exes will come back from time to time asking about your wellbeing and saying things like "I was worried about you" or "Wanted to see if you are still alive" etc. It will just give you false hope. I don't know why they do it - maybe they genuinely care, maybe they don't. But you would just be torturing yourself by reading too much into it.

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Thanks everyone,


This one is really hard for me and I don't know why. I'm not looking for an excuse to contact her, but I just feel like I am directly lying to her by not responding.


However, I guess if she really wanted to know she would just call or something. Hah, this must mean I'm still on her buddy list. I deleted her a long time ago. Weird.

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