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Sorry man, that sucks, but you can't get yourself down about these things.


Perhaps you are too good for them; or that you are too nice.


As for girls on the rebound or with signifigant others, that's just bad timing.


Why do these things hurt you?


This might be a bad analogy, but when I go out clothes shopping, I might find a few pairs of jeans I like. I try them on, and 99% of the time I dont like how they look. It sucks, but its hit or miss. If I gave up, I'd end up wearing sweatpants all the time; and I'd never get chicks that way.


With girls, specifically them being fresh out of a relationship/in one currently, its the same. It sucks, but its hit or miss.

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they tell me that I'm too good enough for them or I'm too nice or i find girls who just broke up with their bf's or are involved with someone already


You sound needy.


You sound like my older brother - he messes up relationships because he tries to be Mr Super-nice man with a flowing green cape... People feel pressured by needy people and most can't deal with it. If you're needy you respond to things poorly and put out a vibe that keeps people away. People like to spend time with people who have lives they want to share, people who do things and have interests - who wants to spend time with someone who sits in a dark room all day dwelling on how sad they are?


Somewhere on this forum someone posted a 'guide' for how to interact with girls - it isn't too bad and one of the points he discusses is the 'nice' guy problem.


I'd recommend getting away from the 'I NEED someone' syndrome and instead focus on doing things you enjoy - or at least trying different things.


The person most likely to be attractive to the opposite sex is the person who most enjoys living their lives...

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