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Do guys act diff infront of bosses/coworkers?


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I've been "dating" this guy since Nov. We haven't seen much of each other. But we do get along great when we are together, we laugh a lot and are very comfortable with each other.

I saw him this weekend. this was the first time I'd seen him with his bosses and coworkers since the night we met. So basically he was working all weekend... and was constantly around either his boss or coworkers.


To me, he seemed like a completely different person than the "guy" I'd been getting to know. I felt like he was a stranger. Could it be that since he was around the "big dogs" he acted differently?

OR was he trying to tell me something? When the two of us were just hanging out ALONE friday night, he was himself. The next morning when I saw him (other people around, namely coworkers), he acted totally different.


What should I think?

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