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told her we are just friends

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hey there guys.just need some validation here.



ok i have had a situation go on for a while now with this girl that i quite like.she is part of my friendship group and well i started to like her immediately.


well we have kissed a couple of times(once while drunk)but nothing really happened.


i really wanted something to happen between us but she seemed unsure.i did ask her and she said she didnt know if she liked and needed to get to know me better.


well there were all the signs that she did like me.even her friends said so.but there was no sure way of knowing.


things have been bad lately and my feelings were growing.it came to a head tonight when i was next to her and she ignored me.i had enough really.


i made it clear to her that i was mates with her.not sure how she has taken it.


the thing is with her is that she doesnt seem mature enough to handle adult situations.relationships,sex etc.


it probably best if i leave her alone for a while and i need to chill too.prob if i hang out with others for a while itwould help me.


i really thought i could do something here but it required superhuman effort just to get this far and really i cant expend this kind of energy on her,its not worth it.

are u with me on this?also,suggestion on how to just be frieds with her would be appreciated.




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This message is probably a bit late, but unfortunately like Serendipity said a lot of people can get scared off when someone shows interest in them. You said you told her you two are mates, I think that was a good thing to do. Giving her time is probably a good idea, and maybe occasionally trying to start up some friendly (but not too friendly) conversations.

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