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Does he want more or not?


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If you've been dating someone for 3-4 months and things are going okay. I get really frustrated when he says his gonna call me and doesn't when he says he will. Then ends up contacting me couple of days later. How do you know if the person is really into you? Do you think he should make more effort or am i expecting to much?

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Been twice so far, he does keep in touch through txting but he once doesn't call to speak to me much and another thing that upsets me is he would txt me and then i would reply to his message then i wouldn't get a response from he for example i would say what are you up to? Does this sould fishy to you?

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hmmm..... I need more info.... Is he in your town? I'd think that after 3-4 months of dating, you'd be seeing him more often. Is this a long-distance relationship?


If you are feeling like he's "pulling away", it could be because he is pulling away....


Who asked who out? Do you ever ask him out? Have you two had sex yet, how long did you wait? Does he seem crazy about you?

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Annie's asking great questions.


Until we get more info, it would be my scientific guess that yes, he is pulling away. A habit of many men, and in the first few months of the relationship, a guy or a gal could be guilty of it.


Definitely tell him that you want to spend more time with him, and that the "not calling thing" does bother you.


If you're gutsy, just ask him if he's still interested. His reaction, or lack of one, should match his verbal answer.

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Is he in your town? We live about an hour away.


Who asked who out? He usually asks me out, but i have asked him out once.


Have you two had sex yet? Yes 2 separate occasions.


how long did you wait? 3 months


Does he seem crazy about you? When i'm with him yes, but not really when i'm not with him.

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