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this really helped me

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some of you may not be catholic, but, this prayer has helped me and i do believe it works. it is a novena for an impossible request. many of you may feel life is not worth living, but, there is always a little bit of hope no matter how incredibly small it may be (and i am talking small). please don't give up even if it gets unberable. here is a link to the website that has the prayer on it.

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I thank you for sharing with us this lovely prayer. Many of us who feel so helpless need to draw strength from a spiritual source. I was raised Catholic, and continue to find beauty and grace in the Church's teachings. I value and appreicate the wisdom of all the great faiths, and am so glad that the religions and spiritual customs of the world can provide comfort to those who need it. No matter one's faith, we all need love, support, guidance, and dear friends to walk with us along the way. Thank you, yelloemail.

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