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I know its wrong but ...

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ok guys before my ex and I split up ... I practically lived with him he didn't have msn on his computer because it was fairly new...but on his old computer I knew who all his contacts were. He didn't want to get msn on his new comp to take up space.


Well after 2 weeks of nc he installed MSN so I was like...WHO did he install it for. I had to log on to his account just to see who new was on...I know it was wrong but I had to. And to my surprise there was no one...so its like he installed it because he knows I'm on alot.


Am I wrong? Do you think he misses me so he just installed it to see when I get on? There can't be any other reason I'm the only one on his contact list that is ever on. How would you guys take it? He doesn't say anything but do you think he is trying to get me to say something to hiM?

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First off it was wrong to log on to his account. You also are making alot of assumptions about why he installed it or not. Perhaps he hasnt gotten around to updating his contacts? If he really wanted to see if you were around wouldn't he just call you? Plus if he wanted you to say something to him he would probably contact you.


I would first off not log on to his account anymore. If he ever was to find out that would be a surefire way of having him cut you out all together. It is an invasion of his privacy. Would you like it if he logged on to your account? I doubt it. Second quit the "I wonder" game it will drive you nuts. I have done that game the "what if" game the "if only" game, etc. It just leads to unhappy anxious feelings.


For your sake and sanity move forward, get involved with other things besides being online, don't log on to his account anymore, and take him off your contacts list.


Good Luck to you!

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Hey nikkers!


First off I do "not" think it was wrong for you to do that, If you are curious well then your curious and if he definatly has nothing to hide it shouldent be a problem. Actually a few of my buddies and their bfs trade passwords so they can be trustworthy to each other.


Infact I secretly signed onto my ex's account and found emails that were recent saying he misses his ex and I was nothing compared to his ex and he was hoping to meet her again soon and I was still dating him


I say its better to play it safe and check his stuff rather then risk getting your heartbroken and being played as a dummy *thumbs up*

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I dont it was wrong because I would probably have done the same thing if I was in your shoes. You were curious and curiosity got the best of you.


I don't really know why he installed MSN after he told you that it took up space in his computer. Whatever you do though, don't IM him. If he wants to IM you then respond but let him initialize the conversation.

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