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i had this dream

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hey everyone, normally i can work out what my dreams mean with no problems. but last night i had this dream that is really scarying me still and making me really upset.


the dream was that i (and i dont know if it was me, or if i was a passenger) ran over a small child in my car. i was being blamed for it, and everyone was being really mean, but there was still this doubt that i didnt do it, and that i was only the passenger. the matter was taken to court, and i kept on thinking about the girl and her family.


i know the exact location where it happened... it was as clear as if i was there... it was in a street near my holiday house, and all of its surroundings are correct....


can someone help me work out what this means...

if it helps, im about to start work as a swimming teacher with little kids...


please someone help me... i feel terrible, even though it never actaully happened.

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I think it is probably a concern that one of the children you will be teaching may drown and it will be your fault. It's just the mind's way of bringing out a sub-conscious fear. It is entirely normal and is not a presentiment of the future.


Forget about it and enjoy your new job - you will be fine.

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Agreed. You are worried about the responsibility you are going to have taking care of the kids. Stay calm and try not to let the dream shake you. It's just a dream, doesn't mean something bad will happen. You wouldn't be given the responsibility unless you were qualified and trustworthy. So do the best job you can and have fun teaching them. Everything is going to be great.

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