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i got an Idea(women please reply)


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Me and my gf both 17 have been dating for a year now on the 29th and i recently posted i didnt know what to do but i thought of a good idea. I was gonna cut out of some pictures of me her and us together and put put them on a big heart and in the middle say something sweet which i dont know yet(and ideas) and i dont really want to go to to the movies but i asked her out there and i wrote "Lets go Out" on the ticket stub and told her the time was wrong on my ticket. So i was gonna do basically the asme thing and put Happy one year instead. Then i was gonna tke her out ot eat somewhere a little nicer then the avg resturant like Fridays or something but still casual. So what do you think I would rather not sit through a movie but i thought it would be romantic so i dont know.

Any tips suggestions or ideas?

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Awww... what a sweetie you are!


I think those ideas sound great! So you're saying that the first time you took her out was to a movie? (Sorry, I got a little confused in the middle there!)


If so, I think it's cool to re-create the first date. You can be all snuggly & romantic with her while you're in the theatre. Plus you'll be having dinner, too, so it's not like the movie is all there is to the night.


Good luck! Congratulations on making it a year together!



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