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What does she mean?

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I haven't been on in forever. Anyway, to keep it short, my best friend, Bridget, is very close to me. But last week one of her friends told me that Bridget is currently in a relationship. Now, yesterday I asked Bridget if she was actually dating someone and she said with a blank face and flat voice, "kinda". That was all she said. What does "kinda" mean in this?

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Just ask her.

Bring it up, casually.


Ask her how the guy is going - and if it's getting serious. Then, when she answers, acknowledge it and change the subject.


Okay. I'll do that.


But, can someone tell me why they think she wouldn't tell me? I mean, we've been best friends since practically before we met 6 years ago.

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(I'm sorry if I'm asking too much)[/QUOTe]

Not at all - that's why I'm here, Demon.


Well, it would be very obvious if she said something like:

"I didn't want you to know.."


You can also base her intentions from her behaviour. If she is being flirtatious, if she is being shy or if she is acting embarrassed.

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