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okay, many of you know my situation with the ex and the pro golfer. she went to hawaii with him and i got pissed of course and i started no contact. well i failed to mention earlier that the ex and my mom are buddies, in a sense.


well ex called my mom upset because she heard i might be seeing someone else. she also told my mom she showed up at chevron other morning to see me, but was waiting on me to make the first move. (just what i sensed). well she told my mom that she was in love with me and had very strong feelings for me, but that she also cared about the golfer. he has invited her to go to another tournament and told my mom she didnt know what to do. but since are last encounter was an argument, and her last encounter with him was watching the sunset in hawaii, i guess you know who she is leaning towards at this moment. my mom told her that she thought it would be a good idea if me, my mom and her had dinner wednesday night and got everything out in the open. my girlfriend said she thought it would be a good idea also. well, i dont want my mother fighting my battles for me, but i dont think the ex will lead me on and lie to me in front of my mom. and maybe the truth about things will finally come out. you see, her parents dont like me, and they are telling her not to come back to me and that they would have a hard time accepting me into their family. my mom is playing an impartial role and is basically there to be a meediator, but i suspect my mom will tell her if she is really in love with me than she cannot let her parents run her life. i dont think i told yall that her parents live like 14 hours away from us. i have told my ex i am willing to go above and beyond to show her parents how much i care for their baby girl. i would do whatever it takes. anyone have any thoughts, please. is the dinner a good idea? i think it is, because afterwards i think i will know or not know if were going to be together, and i can either move on or try to get back on track with her, instead of sitting here wondering what the hell is going on. do yall think their is hope for reconciliation, because of the fact that she even agreed to this dinner? i mean, realistically if there wasnt a smidgeon of hope i dont think she would have ever agreed. maybe im wrong. but i will not get my hopes up. any advice on how to act at dinner? i love yall so much and yall have helped me so much, and i take everyones advice to heart. thank you in advance. please help!

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I'll admit that I don't know all the details of your situation with this woman, but from what I just read I would have to say dinner with my mom and ex does not sound like the best plausible situation.


I think it's really unfair of her to put your mom in the middle of this in the first place. If she has things to say to you, she should be mature enough to approach you herself instead of having your mom act as a mediator.


This is really between you and your ex. I think that if you two have things left unsaid, it should be worked out with just the two of you.


That's just my opinion of course.

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it wasnt her that put my mom in the middle, my mom suggested it to her and she accepted it. apparently my ex is telling me one thing and telling my mom another. so i figured it would be good if both of us were there in front of her so the truth will come out. my ex told me she was going to see him again and she told my mom she hadnt decided yet. so if were both sitting there surley we will find something out, and it wont be a threatening situation for anyone. my ex and i lived with my mom for 2 years while i was finishing college. she moved down here from up north. so we are all very close. i dont know if she told me she was seeing him again to make me jealous, get a reaction, or what her intentions were, but but once and for all the truth MUST come out, so we can move on or move forward as a couple of four years. does that make any since?

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