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LOL guess who's back, back again....better this time though.

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to give an update and remind you all of how foolish this little girl really is. My ex and I had a bad break-up in the way he thought I was fine with it ( good old acting skills) when I was torn apart every day reading into every thing he ever did hoping we would get back together. We were friends with benifits through out his re-bound relationship and only stopped for a 2 month when he started dating someone else, even in those 2 months he text me about how good the sex once was lol. Well as soon as he broke-up with her he started wanting friendship again and I am a very forgiving person and that is what we are now, (and the benifits thing to).

I want to tell anyone who is going through a break-up or in the same situation that once you have had time to see that the world is bigger then them and who you were together you never want exactly what you had back. I still have feelings for my ex, I still get jealouse occasionally but I know now that he won't make me happy. And when the day comes that he finds someone else or stops wanting me sexually or vise versa I'm going to be okay.


Here's the foolish part I'm going on a two day vacation with my ex. I plan to have an amazing time even though he's going to be there..lol.

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i am very glad you are moving on but if you were just friends with him without the benefits do you think that you may move on completely. i am not trying to say what you are doing is wrong and if you are happy that is great but i know that if i was friends with benefits with my ex it would really mess me up and i would not be able to move on at all, and always be so scared of him meeting some1 else etc.

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