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Hi guys

I have a question about this guy I work with. I have known him since August, when I started working, and we have gradually talked more as time has passed. He invited me to go see his quartet play, but I unfortunately ended up not being able to go. A few weeks later, I invited him to come see our orchestra play (we're both musicians, and work at a music store), but he never called me for tickets. The next week at works, he said that he got my note, but had to play a gig so he couldnt come. Recently, I told him I would be in his hometown area over xmas break, and he gave me his email and told me to email him so we might meet up over break. He never responded to this email, and when we worked together yesterday, asked if I ever got to NJ over break...

I am extremely confused- he asks me to get together, then never responds to it. He has hugged me twice, but talks about checking out other girls in our conversations.

Guys- please- just let me know what this guy is doing!!



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he may not want to show that he likes you so he talks about other girls in case he thinks that you are not interested in him. he may also want to see your reaction when he does this to see wheter u may look jelous/angry/sad etc.. in my opinon i think he is testing you, tyring to decide on whether u like him or not

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