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Well, my senior year has been quite interesting, but I have come accross two situations just reacently where I suspect that two different girls like me or somthing or at least care I guess. Anyway here are the two things I would like to have advice on, and what they mean:


1. This girl, after I hung out with her a bit in Germany on a school trip suddenly became interested in me (after the trip) and started to have lengthy contacts with me on AIM. Most of the time even IMing me right when I log on. She would ask me questions about whether I have had a girlfriend and would invite me to her house but then would quickly say she is "just kidding" (raising an eyebrow there.) She would also just talk to me about weird stuff that I would never say (stuff that I wont bother to repeat.) But she also would talk to me all the time, I just suspected a lot of things, but then she got back with her ex-boyfriend, and now she doesnt talk to me as often anymore. The question is; did she like me or was interested in a relationship? Or was I just a piece of a fleeting moment?


2. About a year ago, I had a crush on another girl who ended up finding out that I liked her. She seemed to not be too happy about it and I have not talked to her for almost a year now. But, ever since I stopped talking to her or doing anything at all, I have found out that she looks at my Webjournal at least 3 to 4 times a week. For someone who doesnt like me and has a boyfriend at the same time and looks at my webjournal on a more than regualr basis doesnt add up to me. The question for this one is; what is her deal? Does she care about me or somthing? Or is there more to it?


Well, thats what I have to say. If anyone has any good advice or interpretation or need/would like more details please comment.


Thank you.

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Situation 1:

It sounds like your in the "friends zone", maybe since the trip, she thinks you have a lot in common and the conversations the two of you have she finds them rather interesting. She probably withdraw the invitation to her home because she was unsure that she was sending the right message, that she just wants to hang out, chat and laugh face to face.


Situation 2:

Ahhhhhhh?... people do weird things all the time, viewing it as any kind of message or having any meaning would be premature or at least thats what I think.


But Thats my opinion

Good luck.

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1. she might have had confused feelings for you at that time because it was obviously some time after her break-up with her ex. you were probably just someone who happened to be right there at that time, so she turned to you. but she got back with her ex, so now she doesn't need to turn to you anymore. that doesn't sound good, but we (both girls and guys) do it all the time after a breakup.


2. I'd like to say that I read random people's journals, sometimes on a regular basis (or people whom I'm acquainted with) and that has nothing to do with wether or not I have feelings for them. sometimes it's just out of boredom...so I wouldn't take it very seriously if I were you.

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