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Ok let's see where to start..


So me and my ex (Collin) were together for about 16 months and we lived together. We had a cute house which we loved and even had a puppy. Unfortunately we both had tempers so whenever we fought we broke up. About 2 months ago I moved out because I thought that maybe it would make him realize what he had.. It was pretty much like we were still together because I still stayed at his house when he was home (He's only home 1 week out of 3 because of work) and we still spent alot of time together.


This Christmas he went to his mom's which I thought would be good for him because she has been sick so I didn't get mad or anything that we were spending christmas apart. We still talked everyday and he told me he loved me and missed me and couldn't wait to see me.


New Year's Eve I was supposed to go up to where he was working to spend it with him but the weather was bad so I stayed home.. That night I checked his voice mail and found a message from another girl telling him how she loved him.. I called her. She told me everything and completely broke my heart. He called me the next day apologizing and I finally talked to him even though everytime I heard his voice I cried it hurt so bad.


I got a hold of some demerol and decided I was going to kill myself the next night. I called him that night to say goodbye and he told me how much he loved me and that if we got back together it would be serious like marriage and ****. All or nothing. He was almost in tears and he told me that he would do anything to earn my trust back.. I believed his lies and didn't take anymore demerol that night.


The next day he told me we couldn't be together atleast not right now because I needed help.. Meanwhile he was telling her he wanted to be with her.. He broke my heart so incredibly bad.


The day he came home from work we spent the night together.. but the next day he said he wanted me to leave.


I tried to kill myself again after that and ended up in the hospital. I called him that night but he didnt even call me back. He didn't care.


Now he is with her and she's moving into "our" house even though they've only known each other a few weeks. He won't even talk to me and I don't know what to do. I have lost the person I love more than anything in the world. The person I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with. He always told me "Jodie, you know that we will end up together forever". I feel so helpless because I know that there is nothing I can probably do.


Any advice on what to do? How to get through this? I feel so stupid because I would still give almost anything to be with him even after all the **** he's put me through..

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When you went to the hospital, did you tell them you tried to commit suicide and why? And did they have you see a therapist?

This man has found someone else and does not want to be with you. Your going to have to accept this. He should of told you about the other girl.

He isseriously messing with your mind. I really think men like this can ruin a girls life. It sounds very terrible. But realize its good you found out now instead of him running around between you and her. He doesnt sound like a good guy or trustworthy person. He will probably do the same to her.


Please dont hurt yourself, is there something else in your life thats going on thats adding to your depression about this?


I really think you need a good therapist and to stay away from this guy. Maybe spend time with friends and slowly start dating again.

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I agree that you should seek therapy and also don't believe he has behaved well.


But - - - you broke up with him, moved out and then you didn't make it clear what the new relationship was about: broken up, together, apart, fwb or what. So not all the fault is his by any means.


I think you should make up you mind that this relationship is over, seek the best counselling you can get and learn to live without him.


Use this experience as an object lesson in how not to manage a relationship so that the next one may be the one that lasts all your life.


Good luck. I am sorry you are hurting. Be strong and realise that he is not the only man for you and that you will find happiness.

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