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The Quick and The Shy


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The Quick and the Shy


Tired lines, practised

So well - actions acted

Out, no-one can tell,

The difference between

Honesty and deception,

Nor the dark agenda;

Ugly hearts find the

Most tender, and woo

Unending - a romantic

Start, the guard has

Been dropped, too late to

Escape this wretched art.


Guilt and fear - the

Powerful captors,

When finally the true

Colours have shown

Their cruel factors.

A heavy hand, blamed

On wine - tears of

Crocodiles say so

Loudly, "It'll be fine".

What else can the

Tenderhearts see,

But a tinted rose

Future that this final

Time, it might just be.


The Quick seek to

Seed their desires,

Abusing the dreams of

Romance and passionate

Fires that never fail

To capture their

Prisoner's love.

Wailing out to

Someone, anyone,

To heaven above;

"Please save me"

From this utter hell.

Yet in their soul,

They know now so well,

The Quick might be

First - but love is

Not love that hurts.


Shy souls wait

And wonder why

They are left to

Pick up the broken

Tears of dreams

And hearts that

They wouldn't have

Left shattered nor open.


Always, they put them

Together again,

Being but a dear friend,

Only to watch their

Beloved's hearts

Bleed once more;

Forsaking their

Own sanity, to

Save another's core.


Is this the fate

Of the Quick,

And the Shy?

For the latter

To repair the

Former's lies?

An unwritten law,

That all must follow,

Until the bizarre

Triangle is broken.

How does this story

End - with two sorrows?

The Quick have won,

The Shy both will be done.

Or can love true prevail

In the darkness of

One who can't love

Their own heart?

What else can the Shy

Do but hope, pray

For a fresh start?


"Dio la luz", I say,

I won't let this

Wonderful light

Be dwindled away,

By cruel lies and

Guilty sighs.

My weapons are words,

Not heavy hands,

Disarming the fear

From my beloved's glands.

Slowly, friendship and

Honesty will heal,

The deepest wounds, and

Give permission to feel,

Love once more.

When the Quick have been

Found out at their game,

When the lies have been

Heard too many times,

When their grip over

The sweetheart is

Tired and weak,

Then the Shy shall

Inherit the meek...

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