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My Lonely Soul, no one shall know..


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"My Lonely Soul, no one shall know.."


No one understands the pain I feel, the emptiness inside is quite real. No one knows who I really am, I am a good hearted soul with so much to give. The problem is I don't want to live In a world that is so cold. You have to be bold in order to survive in this place. So many tragedies, it's a disgrace.


I am different in so many ways. Which leads me to very lonely days. I'm not the guy that gets everyone as their friend, I'm not the type to go around the bend. To go out their way to be something their not. I love myself & that's enough to plot... For my dreams & my goals, whatever they may be. I know the lord is with me. He's the creator,my strength & he is my savior. No one comes before him, my creator... I love you god for I am not alone, he is always with me & he destines my future, for whatever it may be!

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