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slept in bed with another girl cont..

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hey i posted a thread on here awhile ago reading : "been going out with my boyfriend for almost two years. hes never cheated and hes always honest with me-told me how he danced with a chick and he touched her **** and now that he knows that i dont like that he did that he doesnt do it anymore. so anyyway, hes friends with this girl called *gail and shes a kool chick. im kind of mates with her too. her guy mates girlfriends hav always been worried about her being around their boyfriends but i kno she wouldnt go there with them coz shes just too nice. on saturday night my boyfriend went clubbing with his friends and drank too much so he couldnt drive home. she was in town and sober so she drove him and his mates home. his two mates slept on the couch and my boyfriend didnt think anything of it and shared a bed with gail.he told me the next day and i jus broke down. stuff like this has happened with an ex but he slept in the same bed with my best friend and they said nothing happened but i found out two years later thay both had sex. its like its happening all over again. abi has a friend which slept in the same bed with another guy who had a girlfriend. at first it was innocent but he ended up cheating on his girlfriend with her later on. my boyfriend told me they both slept on the opposite edges of the bed, nowhere near touching and nothin happened. ive heard it all before. should i trust him? it was so upsettng but i did not want to be upset with him for too long coz im going overseas in a few days and i dont like leaving things in the air. but how do i show him that im still upset? he knows i am but i dont think he knows how serious it is.we;ve talked abt it and everything but i didnt forgive but i hav forgotten for now coz i want my last few days here with him to be fun not sad. any comments?"



i got heaps of mixed replies for that so i am stil a bit lost.. okay so im

back from my trip..its stil hurtn me.i bring it up all the time but hes really understandn about it and always reassures me nothing happened.i believe him. but if she was a friend to me then why would she do that? shes more of a friend to him than to me but she did text me on my birthday. i texted her telling her i wanted to meet up in talk about something (which is the whole sleeping in the bed incident but shes sayn that she has no idea what i want to talk to her about and is feeling nervous) but am i blowing everything out of proportion? i never told my then best friend how i felt wen she told me she slept with my ex and i dont want to do the same again.but i dnt want her to feel as if i dnt want her being friends with my boyfriend again.. oh i dont know im so confused please give me some comments!

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he touched a girls *** before and he didnt think that would upset you?


he sleeps in the same beds with other girls and thinks its all cool as long as he tells you?


considering the its happened to you before, you should know the red flags. Im sorry dear, but he sounds AWFULLY immature and in complete disregard for your feelings.


his mentality is "i do whatever i want, i'll tell her i dont care, she sticks around anyway"


you're too young to be holding on to some guy who keeps messing up behind your back and thinking its no big deal.


i'm only 2 yrs older than you and in a long term relationship (since i was 17!) and i can tell you if my boyfriend touched some girls *** and thought it was no big deal or slept in the same bed as some girl and tried to pull the "nothing happened" with me...3 yrs or 5 yrs, goodbye mr.!


I can tell you if you came to him one day and said "oh yeah by the way I grabbed some guys' crotch the other night and fell asleep in his bed, but nothing happened!" he'd be so angry its not even funny.


its up to you darling. i dont think he's ready for a relationship by the sounds of it. he doesnt even know how to handle one!

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regardless of it being right or wrong for him to do what he did...just remember that he is not your ex and whatever you do...don't screw things up with him because of what your ex did. treat this situation for what it is..good or bad...but just dont allow the past experience to influence you to much.

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