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Wants nothing to do with our child

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Thank you all for helping me with my last post. But now it gets better! My husband has informed me that he doesn't think that he wants our child and he says that we no longer have anything to talk about ever. What is going on how did I marry someone that I didn't even know could be this cruel. Does anyone know how I can get his rights as a parent terminated? This way he can't just come and go out of my childs life. I just don't understand how he wanted to get married and have children just as much as I did, so we got married, got pregnant, and I am now 6 months along and he has changed his mind. Please any advice?

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you should consult a lawyer like the previous poster said.


Interestingly the same exact thing happened to my sister with her ex husband. They were so excited for the baby, up until the child was born and then he changed to - NO feelings, didnt want the baby, didnt want my sister. DEAD internally and just cruel.


What happened?- he was having a very steamy affair with another woman who had children herself! it wasnt long before my sister found out, divorced him IMMIDIATELY with her new born baby, and made him pay child support.

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You don't want his rights terminated as the others have said because you will lose child support.


See a lawyer, file for divorce, and demand full legal and physical custody. You can't prevent him from getting some minimal visitation but it sounds like he won't take advantage of it anyway.


I'm really sorry this happened. Make sure you protect your rights and your baby's health and well being.

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I'm so sorry for what that loser is doing to you. Unfortunately, I got the impression he was going to try and pull this crap from your last post. You need to cut off contact as it's just going to stress you out more and now is the time you need to be taking care of yourself and your little one. Let your lawyer do the talking for you.


Maybe that immature jerk will come around one day and realize what he's lost and want to be back in his child's life but right now I would only consider parental rights termination if you know for a fact you won't have any trouble raising this child without any money from him. Otherwise have those child support payment papers ready and rearing to go when that baby gets here because he definitely sounds like the type of sleaseball that would try and get out of paying.


I'm sorry your husband turned out to be such a cold hearted person. I know it's hard but in the long run it's better that you take care of that baby by yourself than stay with a man who resents his own child.

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Wow, colleen, I am so sorry....your husband is certainly not turning out to be what you thought he was, and I can only imagine how terrible that must feel especially when you are carrying this child - this is suppposed to be such an exciting time for you!


How callous..."he doesn't think he wants" his own child, that he planned for with you! Unfortunately, you are not the only woman I have known to have their partners up and run while they were pregnant with the children they had "wanted".


I think YOU have to also agree to him terminating his parental rights...and I really advise you don't at this point, unless you absolutely can make it on your own without any financial support from him. That would at this point mean no child support, and while he is being a jerk...maybe one day he will realize what a loser he has been and want to be in his childs life...I know it's a reaction to want to just cut him out then if he wants to go...but he is your childs father, and the child should have the opportunity to know him if he ever grows up.


Sigh, I am so sorry honey, lots of virtual hugs are being sent your way.

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