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hi there is this guy i really like but he said it flat out that he doesn't like me at all that if he goes out with me he is gonna cheat on me and some other stuffs but after all that when i see in my heart still beat loudly i really wanna get over him, i tell all my friends that i have but i am lying i am scared what if i never get over him forever cos i really like him a lot everybody help

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ok...its time to realize that you are much better than what that jerk told you. i think you should take a couple steps backward and look at things more realistically and i know its hard when you are really infatuated with a guy, but i think you really need to step back a little. You cant make a person like you no matter how much you like him...it NEVER works that way. You are wasting your time on this idiot. But remember that him not taking interest in you has nothing to do with you at all...its just him. Sorry i was so blunt in this but i hope this helps you get over him.

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You will get over him eventually. We have all had those major crushes that we think we will like forever, but trust me, you will get over him one day. You are not doomed. People can even get over other people who they have actually dated for years.


Just try to limit your contact with him. That's the best way to get over someone. Is he a friend? A classmate? If you can't really avoid seeing him everyday, then try hard to not think about him. When you start to think about him, try to take your mind off of it.


Don't worry. Eventually you will find someone better, believe it or not. And he will like you just the same. It's definitely hard to get over someone, especially when they don't have feelings for you, but that's just part of having crushes.

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