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hi guys. my gf and i kissed 4 the 1st time on sun. it was amazing and i loved it. we must have kissed for like 10 or 20 sec. we were watchin a movie and just finished it after the kiss. then i kissed her before we headed to the car to have my mom drive her home. then i walked her up to her porch and we kissed again. is that too much for one night? especially since it was the first time.


also, is it slightly weird that we kissed before we hugged? is there anything wrong w/ that?

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I agree with the others. It's only too much if you or the other person feel uncomfortable. If she seemed like she wanted to kiss you, then don't worry about it at all!


You could always talk to her about it too. Never be afraid to talk to her about your feelings. That's one of the most important things to remember in relationships. If you want to bring it up, you could say something like "if you couldn't tell from the other day, I really enjoy kissing you. Just let me know if I ever do something to make you uncomfortable. I really care about that." By saying that, you will just be telling her that you care about how she feels and it will give her the chance to say if she thinks you are kissing too much. Only good could come out of it.


Oh, and I don't think it's too much, or weird. I think that all couples, when they start kissing, they do it a whole lot!

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