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Im passed wanting her back and seeing teh light

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well if some of you remember my story and my situation you might know how I felt and wanted her back and all that jargen business. Also about how we talked last week and she was sayin she missed me and thought about me and wasnt seeing anyone or anything. Well she was drinkin when we talked about that over AOL and she never got back to me with what we talked about so that weekend I just decided on my own to just block her aol account from mine and just forget about it. It seemed like what I needed to do and realized we wouldnt get back together.


Well I find out she is seeing someone from her work. I didnt find out till now because she lives 40mins away now and hangs out with different people. Now it stung a bit finding this out but i knew it would pass and id be find. But I decided to send a message to a friend of mine that is friends with her and said why didnt u tell me she was seeing someone when i said i was going to send her an email. WEll that person within 30secs tells my ex that i said that and my ex emails me saying to stop spreadin around that she is seeing someone. Than she tells me it's not true and she doesnt know where i heard that from but ended with thanks font talk * * * * and have a good day.


now in reality i already dont really care so much about her being with someone else, besides the first shock reaction of finding out....i just feel it's kind of weak if she feels the need to protect me by lying.


Or maybe she just wants to keep it a secret because it's her pattern to date someone for a long time and end it when she gets unhappy and quickly move into another realtionship within a short period of time.


give some some thoughts on what you see it to be. I tried to describe what went on the best way i could

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Well.. I'm glad you are moving on and that you've blocked her account. If that is your intention. Of breaking it off completely.


Can't say what to make out of the AOL conversation... you know she was drunk? well.. we all get sentimental when we've had a few drinks. So, maybe that had something to do with it.


Whether she's seeing someone or not. Do you know that for a FACT?? and does it really matter. I mean you arn't together anymore. And she hasn't made contact other than the AOL night. So......


I'd say go with your gut. And don't think about it anymore. If she chooses to play PP games by denying she's seeing someone. Who cares. If she wants to play PP games by leading you on... well you do have a choice there.. you can shut her down.


Be well. Don't stress over it. Just live your life.

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yeah I was at the point of never looking back in hopes, until her aol concersation with me. That brought up feelings as it would to anyone i suppose. And the finding out she is seeing someone isnt even bothering me in an upset way, just a confused way as to so soon and with someone at her work. She did this in the past with her last boyfriend 'sleeping with a coworker at the office within a week of leaving that person after 8years" I saw a problem with the actions of that when i found out early in the relationship but continued on with it anyways. So as for it happening again in such a similiar way is kind of shockin and left me a bit shaken. Like i said i just found out today and it'll pass. And yes I know this for a fact that she is seeing someone, but she emailed me saying i was wrong. Thats what made me assume she is hiding it because she doesnt want people to see her pattern of how she is in relationships.


I usually try to look at a positive in most things, and what i'm lloking at in this situatution is my luck for getting out of this relationship and actually seeing her for who she really is. I had issues with her in the relationship and should just be thankful i dont have to deal with it anymore and can move on to someone else and have better experiences....because i know there has to be somthing much better than her out there for me. Atleast thats my attitude for now

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Well... she does have a pattern of behavior as you said. Some people think they need "someone" "anyone" in thier life to be happy to feel whole. When in fact happiness come from themselves. Taking some time off to discover herself would have probably done a lot of good. Her lesson to learn. Your's to witness it.


So take the lesson and find your happiness in yourself.



If she's hiding the relationship she's forming there could be a myriad of reasonings behind it. Not hurting you for one. Two...saving face for her.

As I said... does it really matter? No not really.


You'll be ok. Just put some distance between you and move forward. Don't look back.

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