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My close male friend has ended our friendship

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my close male friend who i have known for almost 10 years has ended our friendship.


we used to talk to each other all the time, at least once a week on the phone for hours, talk online, etc.


He didnt even tell me he was getting married. His friend told me last year that he just got engaged while i was on aim so I asked him on instant messenger if its true, he said yes and then tried changing the subject by saying , "So who are you dating"?


That was a year ago and I have not talked or seen him in over a year now. A couple of times i tried making plans online with him, he ALWAYS CANCELS. The last couple of times i spoke to him online, he acts like a jerk, like he'll message me, "so whos the guy, who are you dating". I answer back well your the one whos getting married, tell me about your wedding. Not much response, then he goes back to saying "so what does your guy do"?

I didnt repond and he put in caps, "OH ARE YOU BACK WITH YOUR EX"?

i didnt respond again cause he was being a jerk. Now we just dont talk at all.

I dont think he wll even invite me to the wedding.


I really miss him, Im wondering is this how guys treat their female friends when they get married? I think its pretty crappy. What a waste of time being his friend. He just broke our friendship like that.

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god that is crappy.

i have lost friends that are male when they hook up with an extremely jealous female. some females feel threatened by another female...even if it's just platonic. and i think it sucks when the guy caves in and allows his new partner to make decisions like that.

it sucks but it's little things like that that show you who your real friends are.

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I haven't really lost male friends cuz i don't really know any - although one of my closest male friends is getting married this June so now you got me worried!! lol, anyways, I have lost female friends though. Their husbands get jealous and possessive and don't allow them to talk to friends, either that or they get all caught up in the bliss and push their friends aside. Sad.

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It is true. He just being secretive with me about the whole thing. I think his girlfriend told him not to be friends with me and not to invite me to the wedding so hes avoiding me and avoiding talking about it.

If i do get invited I am not going. I think there sno reason for me too. He hasnt spoken to me in over a year and if i do get invited and go , he will go back to avoiding me again.



It sounds like hes jealous, and hes just marrying that other woman to make you jealous. Or he told that friend to tell you that he was marrying someone, and its not really true, and thats why he doesnt want to talk about the "wedding"
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