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I just wanted to say that I feel very awkward posting this. I don't know why. Haha. Maybe it has something to do with me admitting that I need help. Anyway. Here we go.

My girlfriend and I are really close and I love her a lot. She recently broke up with her boyfriend for me and we have had sex, however, I feel that I am very bad at it. I once fingered her for an hour and a half and didn't give her an orgasm. I could feel her muscles start to contract and such like before an orgasm, and everything else seems to be in working order, however, the muscle contractions would be slow (so like not an orgasm) and would subside and I eventually had to quit because she became sore. She is really shy so whenever I ask her what she wants she'll tell me like, "I like everything you do to me" and finally got her to divulge that she likes biting (which I'm 100% fine with!!!)

So taking that into consideration on New Years Eve we had sex for about four hours and I got her to have one orgasm, which is an improvement.

I just want to know how I could better improve my... skills. At fingering and oral sex on a girl. I just want to make her feel good.


Sorry if this was like. I don't know. Explicit. I didn't mean for it to be.


Peace in the Middle East!



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Hon, it sounds like everything is going well. You are focusing too much on the orgasm part. Listen to your girlfriend and notice how you like to be touched and what turns you on and then try those same things on her. If she is moaning, has a pleasurable look on her face, arching her back, bucking her hips, or if she's really wet, and panting...those are signs that she likes what you are doing to her. Sometimes it can take a while for partners to become more comfortable with each other and to get to know the other person's body and what turns them on. The orgasms will come with time.

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There's an old thread on here made my DragonGirl (I think... could be wrong) and it is VERY detailed in how to give oral and things like that to a woman. But like the others have said, it's not all about orgasming. It's about showing how much you love one another.


Just guage her reactions. If she likes what you're doing, don't stop!

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