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Will it be ok the first time?


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Ok, I have a small question. I've read all sorts of things, and some people say it's better to wait until a couple of conversations before asking for a number, others say it's better to do it right the first time you talk... I dunno which one's true. But I think I wanna try tomorrow to get a number, even if it's the first time I talk to the person, because at least it'll help for "practice" I guess. But I don't wanna leave tomorrow without a number, that's for sure... Any tips, input, anything? Or is it better to wait a little longer?

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i honestly feel uncomfortable when guys ask for a number really quickly, im a bit more reserved and if a random guy asks for my number id NEVER give it to him, because id think that all he was looking for was soemthng else, although i tend to think all guys r looking for sex. it also depends on how he aproaches me, and if i like the guy or not. you, as a male, can usually be able to read the girls body language, if shes looking at your eyes, and is paying attention to you, then u should ask for it, if shes looking away or changing the subject or what not, dont ask for it...i dont think the number of times u talk to her matters, i think its more about how u feel and how she feels.

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Go ahead and ask for it and see what happens, you might get lucky, everybody is different and has their own policies when it comes to giving out their numbers. Personally though, I've being talking to this girl online for about three months now and today I finally got her number, how I did it you ask? Passive persistence I ask her every now and again. So give it a try.

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