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I cant stand my sister!!!!!!!!!!!

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My sister is about 8 years older than me, her husband is away in the army and she is living with me and my mom along with her 2 kids... She drives me insane!!! OKay frist off she says she has depression and anxiety which I think she says to get attention because she talks like she has it real bad but she never seems upset inless one of her guy friends blow her off, and her anexity like never bugs her inless its a situation where someoen else is trying to go out and do something... She has no job and no intrest into getting one but yet she calls me lazy!!! I work all day so how can that be? SHe has been reall nice the past month right, but here latley Ive been talking to my friends and going out alot more and Im dating someone and apparently this ticks her off because now she is a * * * * * to me 24/7 and always has an attitude and says that she is better than me because I drink! And every time Im on the phone with my bf she acts like a totally * * * * *.. What is her deal and how do I deal with it? Oh yea and another thing that tickes me off is she dont ever controll her kids they tear up everything and she says its not them who do it.. She dont make them listen and her 4 year old will stay up till 3 in the morning while she is online chatting away! When she knows everyone has to work in the morning... honestly I cant take it no more

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Have you tried talking to your mom about this? Maybe your mom can give you some advice or try to help you out with the situation. Maybe the three of you should sit down and have a talk and come up with some ground rules. Do you have a close friend you can stay with? I just know my family used to drive me insane when i was living at home so i spent all day at my best friends place and only came home to eat and sleep. Good times. The other thing is talk to you sister - let her know that you know she is going through a hard time and you are there to help but let her know that the way she is acting is bothering you. Hopefully things can change

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